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"You may not like video games, but what I learned from them is this: no enemies in front of you means you are going the wrong way." - Unknown I am the host of The Weekend Game Show (WGS) on Twitch. My mission for WGS is to educate on and discuss different aspects of game development so as to prevent another Cyberpunk 2077 scenario. Also, to promote, empower, and provide exposure for artists to combat AI compilations.

2 responses to “ Review”

  1. California Kid says :

    Hi Erica. Thanks for visiting my blog today and choosing to follow it. You are a very talented and motivated person and wish you all the success in the world in reaching your goals. Keep up the good work you’re doing with your art, blog, and life. I hope to hear from you again soon. Cheers!

    • Erica L Robinson says :

      I appreciate the support and you’re welcome for the follow, but this particular blog is for my father’s book Am I Black? I’m just helping him manage it. 😀

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