This is not…

Your feel good story like Remember the Titans. No one won a state championship in football, though some of the characters in the movie are in the book.

If I was to compare Am I Black? to a movie, it would be more like The HelpAm I Black? discusses the differences between the races; how both sides views the race relationship problem. Except, this time, the black eyes are inside of the skull of a white child.

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The reason why he had to fight

In the movie Remember the Titans, starring Denzel Washington and based upon true events, Coach Boon was trying to integrate TC Williams. Around the same time, 30 minutes away, a young, white, adolescent male was facing a battle of his own; an unbelievable fight to do what he thought was right, which was to be friends with whomever he chose, black or white.

Follow Ronald Trent Robey in his quest to find out Am I Black? which is the title of the book written by Greg Robinson.

Available at and Barnes & Nobles.

Am I Black? by Greg Robinson

Am I Black?

Be one of the first to read the fascinating book that happened in Northern Virginia called, Am I Black? by Greg Robinson. The story of a kid that adopts a black family during the late 1960’s early 1970’s. A breathtaking story of a different type of kid, in a different time. Author Greg Robinson allows you to look through the eyes of a courageous white kid named Ronald Trent Robey while he grows into a young man, who tries to understand why things are so different for blacks and whites during that time. He also learns, you must watch what you wish for.

You just may get it.

Am I Black? by Greg Robinson – 60 sec Trailer

Am I Black? by Greg Robinson – 60 sec Trailer

Story of a young, white, male kid who struggles to fit into a black world.