Am I Black? by Greg Robinson

Am I Black?

Be one of the first to read the fascinating book that happened in Northern Virginia called, Am I Black? by Greg Robinson. The story of a kid that adopts a black family during the late 1960’s early 1970’s. A breathtaking story of a different type of kid, in a different time. Author Greg Robinson allows you to look through the eyes of a courageous white kid named Ronald Trent Robey while he grows into a young man, who tries to understand why things are so different for blacks and whites during that time. He also learns, you must watch what you wish for.

You just may get it.


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About amiblack2012

I wrote Am I Black? 30 years ago because I believe it is a story that needs to be told.

14 responses to “Am I Black? by Greg Robinson”

  1. Critical Thinker says :

    Could you tell us a bit about it, it sounds very intresting ?

    • amiblack2012 says :

      Morning, my parents raised a white kid, who refused to leave. This happened during the late 1960’s, early 1970’s. A very different time. His name was Ron Robey. Our adventures are touching, and rewarding. I hope you enjoy. stay in touch.
      Greg Robinson

  2. fightingautism says :

    hey! thank you for the follow…I am very intrigued by your story!!!!! many best best wishes in getting it out there to the public…I think this is a crucial time of people having the veil lifted so they can learn the truth ..we are all Gods creation..he wants us to love each doing so we glorify him…

  3. benderedondat says :

    Wow, it must’ve been something, I’ll bet. Because you’re right, it was really a different time back then. We can say that now but when we were “in it” so to speak, we thought it was business as usual and were making progress, at least up North we did. Thanks for the follow, Greg and holler back!

  4. stockdalewolfe says :

    What an interesting blog! Thank you for following mine. Will look around here.

  5. amiblack2012 says :

    Yes, that is correct. Check it out. Hope you enjoy.

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